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Easter Coloring Pages

Welcome to our Easter coloring pages. We hope you will enjoy your visit. To print out a coloring page just left click on the image you want to print out. A new window will come up with just the image. Now you can print .

Do you know where the Easter basket tradition came from?

This tradition started with the ancient Catholic custom of taking the food for Easter dinner to Church to be blessed.

The Easter Bunny

In ancient times the rabbit was considered a symbol of life and renewal. Even today it is associate with new beginnings. The Easter bunny tradition is thought to have originated in Germany. The Germans were also the first to make chocolate bunnies.

Printing Instructions:

Once you have decided which pages you want to print out the hard part will be over!

  1. Click on a thumbnail of a picture you want to see. If you like what you see and you would like to print it out follow the next few steps.
  2. Go to the FILE menu
  3. Select the PRINT option
  4. Check the settings for the printer. You can use the gray scale or black only setting to save on colored ink.
  5. Decide how many copies of the image you want.
  6. Press Print

Then enjoy coloring your pictures! Remember, the pictures may not look very clear as thumbnails, but when you click on them they will clear up and you will see what you will get when you print.

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