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Children of all ages visit all kinds of sites on the web for a variety of reasons. Coloring pages are among the most popular sites visited. Parents also scour the web for activities for little ones. Why take a trip to the store for that coloring book, or activity pad? Chances are it will only be looked at/colored in a couple of times and then tossed aside. Wouldn't it be much better just to print out a few pages of your child's choosing, at a time? And it only costs as much as the paper and ink used in printing. Wouldn't it be even better if these activities were educational as well?! Our coloring pages aim to not only provide hours of coloring fun, but to be informative as well. coloring page

Our site is dedicated to helping parents and caregivers find wholesome, educational and FUN activities for little ones, without the hassle of having to go out and buy something! We hope you enjoy our pages of coloring images and other kids' activity pages, as well as our pages with helpful tips and information for parents and caregivers. Terms of Use: These coloring pages are meant solely for non-commercial, personal use. Please do not use any of these images for monetary gain!

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Halloween is around the corner! Visit our Halloween coloring pages for lots

of fun pictures to color and to learn a bit about Halloween.

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January 7, 2011-----Just posted: Flower Fairy coloring pages letters M through Z!

Have a look at them here:

Flower Fairies M through Z

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